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Service of Thu Bon Hotel Massage
Health is a precious asset of human beings and it is also the first "property" that we have. So, even though you're busy with your daily work, don't forget to take time to relax and take care of your health. And massage is one of the most effective ways to help you quickly recover energy, relax your mind, bring a body full of vitality. This time, Hotdeal would like to introduce to you 1 of 2 60 minute Body Massage packages (Thai, Swedish, Japanese) or Foot Massage for 60 minutes at the 6th floor of Thu Bon Hotel. Voucher is only VND 119,000, press BUY to experience immediately!
Body massage of Spa uses relaxing essential oils and essential oils completely detox from nature and professional massage techniques, helps detoxify the body, create a sense of comfort, relax both physically and mentally. Especially, with the method of pressing acupressure points, make the acupuncture points on the back, head, shoulders, neck treat headaches, back pain or shoulder pain. Foot massage can reduce anxiety, bring deep relaxation state.

Foot massage makes it easier to circulate and circulate blood to the heart. In addition, movements from gentle massage to strong acupuncture points, combined with hot baths, scrubs are very effective therapies. This way both helps your feet relax, while helping your skin soft, not dry, cracked.

Body Massage, Foot Massage (60 minutes).

Body Massage
Step 1: Rub the whole body oil (5 minutes).
Step 2: Neck massage and 2 shoulders (10 minutes).
Step 3: Massage back (15 minutes).

Step 4: Massage buttocks and 2 legs (15 minutes).
Step 5: Massage the abdomen and thighs (10 minutes).
Step 6: Massage your head (5 minutes).

Foot Massage
Step 1: Exfoliating feet with sea salt (15 minutes).
Step 2: Acupressure, massage the left foot with essential oil (15 minutes).
Step 3: Acupressure, massage your right foot with essential oil (15 minutes).
Step 4: Acupressure, massage head, shoulders, neck (15 minutes).

Relaxing massage with essential oils is also called "fragrance recovery". The written documents about Ayureda (dating back 4,000 years ago) also show that this method affects your physical, sensory, spiritual and spiritual balance with many other manipulations. together.

Thai massage: Basic manipulations include pressing, stretching and pressing acupuncture points ... helping the body to maintain balance in the process of energy allocation. Besides, this method also helps relax and support healing, bring you health for the new day with a relaxed spirit.

Japanese-style massage: A procedure using thumb, other fingers and palms to help circulate blood, stimulate the body's metabolism, giving you a great sense of relaxation especially effective Very good for diseases like arthritis.

Swedish Massage: Helps you exfoliate, helping you to have soft, smooth, healthy body, eliminate disease and circulate blood. Swedish Massage is especially suitable for women who want to relax and care for their skin. Technicians will claw, compress along your body, use a lot of essential oils, you will feel like you are bathed in essential oils. This is a massage to smooth, make the process of clogging without burnt, but it gives customers a pleasant feeling.

Located on the 6th floor of Bong Sen Hotel, Spa is the ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists to relieve stress and fatigue during their stay at the hotel. Spa with spacious, airy and luxurious space with a team of professional and enthusiastic technicians will bring you true relaxation moments.